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Intelligent Decision Support Platform


For Developing O&G Resources

NeuDax provides AI solutions to upstream oil and gas companies to develop their oil and gas resourcess more confidently and efficiently. Using our fast and accurate AI models, the enitre decision-making process time takes less than a week. Our fast AI platform analyzes more than 10,000 field development scenarios for hundreds of possible subsurface in a few hours. The platform helps you to find the most optimum field development design tailored for your company's short-term and long-term goals.

NeuDax AI Solution

Predict Accurately | Optimize Under Uncertainty | Decide Confidently

An AI Platform for Unconventional Resources

FracDax is the NeuDax first AI platform specifically designed for developing unconventional resources. FracDax™ helps oil and gas operators to analyze thousands of well/pad parameters, completion options, or refracturing solutions, and choose the most optimum solution. The platform, based on cutting-edge AI technology, finds the best solution based on your needs and goals not general economic measures.



FracDax™ is beyond existing O&G prediction platforms. FracDax™ is the first Full-Stack AI platform in oil and gas industry. Petroleum and AI engineers at NeuDax designed the platform to not only outperforms the other prediction platform, but also evaluates all the possiblities and their possible outcomes and find the most optimum solution based on your needs (optimization level). On the most advanced level, we learn your needs through your interaction with the AI platfrom (cognitive level).

DL | ML | RL | IRL | MDP

AI algorithms are more than classic Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. The latest AI researches, advances, and applications focused on using cutting-edge methods such as Deep Learning (DL), Reinforcement Learning (RL), and Advanced Machine Learning (ML). Unfortunately, AI technology in oil and gas industry is still limited to classic machine learning.
FracDax™ is the first O&G AI platforms that takes advantage of ML, DL and RL (in addition to IRL & MDP) to not only make the most accurate predictions, but also to help clients to make the best decisions.

Adaptive Decsion Support System (ADSS)

FracDax™ is a Decision Support System (DSS), but not like any DSS. FracDax™ is an intelligent DSS which learns from its users and their decision making behaviors to adapt its DSS core to client's needs. Our Invesrse Reinforcement Learning (IRL) technology, make a cognitive system that learns from your interactions with the platfrom and your decision-making history. Our AI understands your objectives, priorities, limations, and preferences to build a unique utility function for you. Through this complext AI systerm (ADSS), FracDax™ shows the real power of AI. 

SaaS + AaaS

Customized for your needs.

NeuDax offers its AI solutions through two services:
1) SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)
2) AaaS (Analytics-as-a-Service)

As a user, you can choose between working with the platform directly (SaaS) or asking our PE and AI engineering to provide you the final analytics (AaaS).

It is the first AaaS experience for oil and gas industry. Our AaaS team helps you to skip time-consuming steps and spend more time on analyzing the final AI results and recommendations.

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